Have you thought about tweeting?


You probably know about twitter, maybe you even use it but mostly for private stuff like following your favorite movie star, bands, some friends, maybe even some news channels and politicians. There are other ways to use twitter as well. Twitter might be the easiest way to start creating your professional profile and identity. You could use Twitter to follow researchers, specific research areas or for your project work.

London School of Economics and Political Science has made a guide for academics to get started with Twitter and how it can be used in different contexts. The guide illustrates some different tweeting styles, how to build up a crowd of followers and even how to use Twitter for your benefit in project work.

The School has even asked its followers on Twitter to contribute names of their favorite people from different fields of science to follow. They have then made separate lists in different fields such as Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities. Take a look at the lists and you might find some interesting people to follow.  Blog post on the favorite people on Twitter to follow can be found here.

Follow University of Borås on Twitter @hogskolaniboras or follow some of us librarians:@l_m_carlson and @msmiila.

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