What can I publish in BADA?


I received a phone call from a stressed PhD student. She was worried that she had done something wrong whe she registrered her research publications in BADA, that maybe publishers didn’t allow this and would have something against it.

What you do in BADA is that you register your publications. You register, when it comes to articles e.g., the title of the article, name of the journal, volyme, issue and page numbers. If the journals uses DOI system you can register that as well. DOI, document object identifier, is like a social security number for an article. Each article has its own specific DOI which helps us to find and identify a specifik article. Preferably, you also register keywords which describe the content of the publications and copy and paste abstract in the form. Keywords and abstract are both important when searching. The more detailed description of your publication there is the bigger the possibility for it to be retrived when someone performs a relevant search. The abstract makes your publication even more visible in Google Scholar. You are allowed to do all this. This is also the minimum you need to do. Registrations are the basis for the univerisity’s yearly publication statistics presented at the end of January every year.

Whether you may deposit the last accepted version of your manuscript (fulltext) in BADA to make your research freely available (open access) is a more complicated question. You can always contact the library/Pieta and you can start by reading the publication agreement you have signed and search SHERPA/RoMEO which is a database for publishers’ copyright and self-arching policys.

Pieta Eklund


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