Easy steps towards open scholarship


It is the title of an blog post by Ross Mounce. In the blog post he writes about two simple steps towards open scholarship. These two steps are not difficult to take and can result in benefits for you and your research, e.g. it will be easier for others to use your work.

In short these two steps are as follows:

1) before submitting to a journal or peer-review (Peerage of Science) service upload your manuscript to a public preprint server


2) after your research is accepted for publication, deposit all the outputs – full-text, data & code in subject or institutional repositories such as BADA

To deposit articles in BADA is allowed in most cases by the publishers. BADA is not just for registering publication. It is to make your research available for others to use. The publications deposited in BADA are usually placed very high on Google’s result list.

There is also research which states that making your research data available results in citation advantage and research has also shown that willingness to share research data is related to the strength of the evidence.

Pieta Eklund