Two new PhDs today


School of Education adn Bahavioural Science have an interesting time today. Two of their doctoral students are defending their thesis.

Goran Puacais defending his thesis Educational choices of the future. A sociological inquiry into micro-politics in education. He has studied the processes of choosing education and occupation and how the early choices create problems for students. It is difficult to know at 15 and perhaps even earlier what you might want to be doing in 10 to 15 years and this creates stress and problems for students, especially when the possibilities to correct mistakes later in life decreases. His results show that support in schools is needed to help students to manage the uncertain future.

Goran Puaca defends his thesis today at 10am in room 10 Vasaparken in Gothenburg.

The other publice defence is of Lena Tyrén. She has studied the relationship between improvement in schools educational activities and economic and political governance. She shows in her thesis that economic and political governance can prevent effective improvements in education. She means that continuity is needed if development projects in schools are to generate change and long-term improvments in practice but when economic issues become governing factors it becomes problematic to continue with the development teachers and the school board wants. Her thesis shows that despite problems teachers will continue to develop innovative and creative teaching methods. They will continue with what they believe promotes students’ learning.

Lena Tyrén defends her thesis ”Vi får ju inte riktigt förutsättningarna att genomföra det som vi vill” – en studie om lärares möjligheter och hinder till förändring och förbättring i praktiken today at 1pm in C203 in Borås

Pieta Eklund

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