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Google Scholar released its newest service, a library service for a couple of days ago. Google Scholar library is your personalized collection in Google Scholar. When you do a Google Scholar search you might not have time to look at the results in detail. Then it is will be useful to be able to save the results or part of them to your library. In the library you may organize them how ever you want to. You have access to your library where ever you are.

The results that you save to your library will have all the links to related articles left, you have access to those articles which have citet that paper and you will even have the link to fulltext document through LLR if we have access to the fulltext.

Logon to your google account, go to Google Scholar and you will even get recommendations based on the citations in your own articles and you are even able to create alerts to new publications.

When you click on Save the publication is saved to your library, see the link on the left.









When you click on My library you will come to your collection of saved publications. Here you can even find My Citations and Cited by me. My citations is the articles you have authored and Cited by me are the references from your article. You can even choos to Manage labels. Here you create they way you want to organze your library, e.g. search terms, author, publication year, journal title or something else.




First you must create the lables you want to you and then you can organize your saved search results. Click on the article title that you want to add a lable to, then you will get access to the tools pictured below. Click on Lables to be able to choose the category you want to use for this particular article. scholar3

You may even edit the metadata by adding more bibliographic data or remove the publication from your library. Click on Edit to come to the interface depicted below.scholar4



Get started with Google Scholar library.

There might be some probelms with this service due to the fact that Google is a commercial actor and may quit supporting and developing services, like it did with Google Reader. If you want to be (more) sure about having your references in the long term you should use e.g. Mendeley, Zotero or EndNote

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