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We are bombed by a number of call for papers from journals and conference organizers. There are many good conferences but also a number of gray conferences organizers who want nothing more than your money and are not interested in organizing a conference. To navigate among these calls can sometimes be difficult

Linda Zellmer, a librarian from Western Illinois University Libraries, has used CRAAP-test to design a test for how to evaluate calls for papers but calls the test for SCRAAP. The S comes from Scholars and the rest is an acronym for Currency, Relevance, Authority, Accuracy and Purpose. CRAAP is a set of questions used to judge information. In this case the set of questions is used on calls for papers.

Some examples from the SCRAAP test:


  • How many volymes/issues has been published? Is the journal new or well-established?
  • Is the information in the call for papers correct and uppdated?


  • Is the call for papers relevant for your field? If not, why have you received it?


  • If you look at the previously publised articles, do the articles make any sense?
  • Do you recognize the sender for call for papers?
  • Are they using e-mails from free provides like hotmail, google, yahoo? Would a reputable publisher use e-mail adress from a free provider?


  • Is the used language correct? Expecially if the sender indicates being from USA.
  • Control that the journal is indexed where they say they are indexed.


  • What is the purpose of the journal?
  • What does the journal title say? International Journal of Business, Humanities and Technology is a very broad title. Is it suspicious?
  • Does the publisher have serveral journals with similar titles?

Read the whole SCRAAP test.

Pieta Eklund

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