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It is time to sumbit your publications in BADA if you haven’t done that already. The last day for registering publications before we summarize the number of publications for the annual report is January 16, 2015. You may start registering now and you do no have to be at the university to register.

You register publications by logging on to BADA. Username and password are the same as to other University’s IT-services. Then you should choose Communities & collections in the left menu. Scroll down to your department and then choose one of the collections Articles and reports, Books and book chpters, Conferense papers (both papers and posters from conferences are registered in this collection). For School of Textiles’ artistic research we have a collection Objects, material, exhibitions, etc. When you have chosen a collction to register in, click on the collection title. This leads you to the collecton and there you find a button Submit to this collection. Click on it. You can continue straight on from the first page without making any changes. On page two you start registering you publication: Authors, title, department etc. You should fill in all the names of your co-authors whether they are employed by the University or by some other university/organisation. Also, you should fill in their signatures if they are employed by University of Borås.

Some things are obligatory to fill in. If you have missed these and click on Next to continue, you will notice that e.g. the year is missing. Fill in what is missing to continue.

When you come to Subject Categories you have to click on the link Subject Categories to be able to choose one of the categories. You should not write anything from your own mind here, choose a category. Subject Categories are a bit blunt but choose which ever suits your publication best.

If your publication does not fit any of the Strategic research areas, choose None.

The questions about Sustainable development is mandatory to answer yes or no to. The question deals with whether you in your publication set your research in the context of sustainable development.

Always fill in Abstract even if you do not have something that can be called abstract. This to make your publication more visible for searches. For the same reason, Subject Keywords are also important to fill in.

You may attach a file to your registration. It works the same way as attaching a file to an e-mail. When it comes to articles, you are often allowed to deposit the version which has gone through peer-review but does not have the publisher’s layout yet. On Sherpa/RoMEO’s page you may check publishers’ and journals’ policy for self-archiving.

Then you have the possibility to control you submission. Have you spelled all the names correct etc. After this you continue by accepting the publishing agreement. The agreement deals with student papers but must still be accepted for the submission to come to us for review.

When the registration is reviewed you receive an e-mail saying that the submission is accepted. Sometimes it might happen that a submission is refused. In this case you receive an e-mail with an explanation what is missing. You should logon to BADA again, fill in what is missing and then accept the publishing agreement again so that the submission comes to the library for review.

Should mistakes happen, or when you have questions, do not hesitate to contact me, pieta.eklund(a)

At the moment (2014-11-10) the number of registrations for all of University of Borås looks like this:

Publication Type Count
Book chapter, peer reviewed scientific 15
Article, other 2
Article, other scientific 2
Article, peer reviewed scientific 83
Article, review 2
Book 4
Book chapter 13
Conference paper, other 11
Conference paper, peer reviewed 43
Conference poster 6
Doctoral thesis 18
Licentiate thesis 1
Other 3
Report 22
Preprint 22
Total 247

We have about 500  to 550 publications/year. The number above means that there is a lot of unregistered publications.

Pieta Eklund

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