ORCID, a short text on why


We have talked about ORCID in a previous post  ORCID – an international ID for researchers. ORCID is an organization that aims to create an internationally accepted identifier connecting research with researchers.

Why is it important to get one of these ORCIDs? For one thing it is a requirement to be able to apply for research grants through the Swedish Research Councils and Formas & Fortes granting system Prisma. The ID can also make it easier to do citation searches – and analysis, since it becomes harder to confuse people having the same or similar names.

ORCID is already integrated in some of the big universities and publishers like Elsevier, Thomson Reuters, Springer and so on. You can see more of these affiliated organizations at the ORCID integration chart.

DiVA our new digital archive that is still being implemented will be able to connect the ORCID-numbers with the university publications. The meta data from the publications will also connect to the national bibliographic database Swepub that share information with Prisma. This will make it easier to apply for new grants since a publication list can be collected through the systems.

How to create an ORCID? You can start by entering the site ORCID.org and register.orcid_128x128

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/Thomas Nyström