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A new decision on publishing at the University of Borås was taken last week by the Vice-chancellor. The updated version included a decision that all researchers and PhD students must get ORCiD (dnr 117-15). Some of you already have an ORCiD and some have had to get one to apply for funding from the Swedish Research Council since the ORCiD is needed to create a PRISMA account.

ORCiD is a unique number for researchers. It is like a personal id-number. You are separated from other researchers who share your name. If you have had your name changed at some point of your research career the ORCiD will keep your publications together; from before and after the name change. If you have a Scopus ID or Web of Science ID can these also be connected to you by ORCiD. Mikael Skrifvars ORCiD number and profile looks like this http://orcid.org/0000-0002-6596-8069

It is easy to get ORCiD. Just go to orcid.org click on sign up and start to fill in the form. It is important that you fill in your name and University of Borås. Use your mail from UB (hb.se) when you register. You will receive an e-mail to verify your account. Do that. Then you have an ORCiD. If you want to see the registration process, take a look at the guide: How to get an ORCiD 2015-04-16.

Please send your ORCiD to us at the library. When the new publication database, DiVA, is launched we will be able to enrich your publications with it. In DiVA you will be able to fill your ORCiD. If you have any questions or need help, contact thomas.nystrom(a)hb.se or pieta.eklund(a)hb.se

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Text: Pieta Eklund
Guide: Thomas Nyström

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