Conference: Mötesplats Open Access 2015


One of the subjects on the conference was Open Data; making research data freely accessible. Sarah Callaghan one of the keynote speakers tells us about the need for making research data open, but also gives us some insight on why researchers are hesitant towards the initiative.

One issue is time, how can we make the data sustainable and usable in a longer perspective? And how much extra time does the researcher have allocate towards making the data fit these criteria. And what incentive does the researcher have for making the data available? Sarah points out that there have to be a reward model that is appropriate towards the risk of making the data available and the extra work effort that is needed for making the data open. She makes an example on what reaction can be expected using a quote from Terry Pratchets Unseen Accademicals: “I’m all for the free sharing of information, provided it’s them sharing their information with us.”


This turtle is not from Pratchets discworld, and can’t carry  four elephants on it’s back and much less the world. But it is kinda cute.

From the Conference: Mötesplats Open Access (MOA) 2015. Malmö 14-15 April. You can find the presentations and the conference abstracts at: Mötesplats Open Access 2015 (note that the link goes to the Swedish site, you should still be able to find the keynote abstracts and presentations)

//Thomas Nyström, the library