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The Norwegian system is a bibliometric model for resource allocation. It is said to measure publishing activity. Scientific publications are scored according to the channel (publisher, journal/series, web page) and form (article, chapter in a book, monograph) of the publication. The critiques of the model say that this and other similar models dismisses the quality of an individual publication and instead concentrates on the packaging (journal or publisher) of it.

However this it the reality. Citations and this type of models are improperly used to indicate the quality of a publication. In the Norwegian system the channels are divided in two: level 1 and level 2. Publications on level 2 are granted more points than publications on level 1. How these are converted to points is decided by each univeristy: how many points are given to an article, chapter in a book or a monograph published in level 2 journals or publishers.

The database for publishing channels.

Use the advanced search to limit your search for specific types of publication channels. If you want to find Swedish level 2 journals, choose Sweden in the fiedl for contry and level 2 in the Scientific level. You will find there are 9 journals which fill these requirements. You can limit your search to other countries or disciplines or even to open access. The list is evolving and you have a possibility to suggest journals or publishers.

Pieta Eklund

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