Support for Researchers at the Library


To create awareness for the library research support and to develop the services we have formed a strategic group. The task of the strategic group is to promote, evaluate and develop the library research support so that the support and services can reach researchers at all levels within the university.

The members of the strategic group represents the library functions: Collection Services, Digital Services and Education.

At the moment our main areas of support are connected to: publishing, bibliometrics, search support, reference management, Interlibrary loans and purchases. The team consists of Thomas Nyström, Karin Süld, Martin Borg and Karin Ekström.


We are working to collaborate better between the different functions at the library and aim to improve our collaboration with the whole university to provide better, and more comprehensive research support. Some key actors are the University Archives, and the Grants and Innovation Office.

If you have any questions about research support or if you have suggestions on how we can improve please contact any one of us or send an email to

Text: Thomas