ImpactStory is a web-based open source platform, made to help researchers keep track on their research output. Especially output that is not traditionally measured.You can for instance get statistics from GitHub and software that you have created.

At the moment it feels like the amount off different tools to measure this kind of data is exploding. And you start asking yourself; how much work is demanded to be active on all the platforms. I think it is important to look on things like: What is the benefit of this tool? Am i already part of communities that do this for me? Where are my colleagues active?

ImpactStory as a tool seem to be something between a research profile and a altmetrics tool. They market themselves as:

“Your CV, but better.

Impactstory looks great and works beautifully. The new standard for scientific CVs.
Pietro Gatti Lafranconi, Cambridge University””

Well it is an exiting tool, here is a video on how you can connect your Google account to ImpactStory:

You find the website on ImpactStory.

Text: Thomas