Publications and external collaboration


University of Boras cooperate with other universities and actors within the industry, actors like Ericsson or SÖS and others. What is important to be able to show these collaborations?

One important part of the process in making the research collaboration visible is the registration process, when we ad data connected to our organisation affiliation. In DiVA these fields are connected to the authors.


As an example you can ad you acadamy using the field “välj organisation” (Choose organisation) to show your connection to the University of Boras. If you the author also represent an external partner you can ad this in the field “Annan organisation” (Other organisation).

When you register your publication in the journal it is just as important that you are careful when entering the organisation affiliation. If you enter the information wrong there can be problems when we try to gather data connected to the University publications.

Article2Not univ

If we look at the two pictures from Web of Science we can see that the phrasing triggers the organisation enhanced function connecting the publication to the University of Boras. We can also see that the next picture where it says “Univ Coll” does not trigger this function.

Will this publication connect to the university publications? Will the collaboration with Linkoping be visible? It depends on the search, bur if we use the organisation enhanced function the answer is no.

Text: Thomas