Publication policies and open access


Björn Brorström writes on the topic of open access (OA) in the Rektors blog and why openness in research is important. He also describes that the work with OA is intensifying and that it is important that universities prepare for negotiations so that new financing structures does not come with higher costs for the universities.

Universities usually negotiates using policies, but it is still up to the individual researcher to choose the journal. therefore you as a researcher have some power to make a difference, it is you that can demand things from the journal and negotiate the availability of your work.

To be able to make choices and negotiate it is important to know your options and the journal policies. If you have found journals that might be relevant you can usually find the terms on SHERPA/ RoMEO a database that lists journal policies. You should of course still go to the journal websites to make sure the information is up to date:  

“All information is correct to the best of our knowledge but should not be relied upon for legal advice”

The database does make it easier to compare different terms since it lists the terms in a common interface.

If you need help with finding journals or if you want to discuss publication terms you can always contact the library.

Text: Thomas Nyström