New National Library ordinance emphasizes research


March 1st 2018 is an exciting date for Swedish research. That’s when the the government’s new ordinance to the National Library of Sweden (NLS) comes into effect. In the new ordinance there is a much greater emphasis research support than before.

Part of the first paragraph in the new ordinance is that the NLS shall “further the quality of Swedish research”. Another new addition is that the government now expects the NLS to “provide data that presents a comprehensive overview of Swedish scientific publications”.

The work on this comprehensive overview of scientific publications has already begun, even though we’re not quite at March 1st yet. The NLS is co-arranging workshops this February to evaluate and develop the national publication database SwePub. They are particularly looking at it from the perspective of Higher Education Institutions. I participated in the workshop in Gothenburg, and thought it resulted in a lot of exciting ideas and suggestions. It’s going to be very interesting to see what the next steps will be for SwePub.

Text: Signe Wulund

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Stronger focus on research in new ordinance to the National Library