Save your approved manuscript!


There is a lot to keep track of when it comes to open access publishing. To help you find your way we’re publishing five blog posts with quick tips for researchers. These will hopefully make the process of publishing your paper with open access a bit easier.

Tip #1: Save your approved manuscript!

Did you know you as an author have more rights to your accepted manuscript than the final version the publisher sends you for proofing? In many cases you are allowed to share your own version of the manuscript much more widely than the final PDF. This particularly applies to journals where you have signed over the copyright to the publisher. 

What is the approved manuscript?

  • The version the author sends the journal after peer-review and resulting edits.
  • The manuscript can be in e.g. Word format, and include row numbers and other notes. 
  • The text in the approved manuscript is identical with the journal’s final version, with the possible exception of minor typos and such. 
  • The approved manuscript won’t have a journal or publisher logo anywhere.
  • The approved manuscript is also called a post-print manuscript.
Figure courtesy of the Office of Scholarly Communications, University of Cambridge used under CC BY 4.0.

Tomorrow we’ll give give you some tips on how to find out who really owns your article.