Library Breakfast about databases

Wednesday, April 5, the Library invites you to KRKALibrary Breakfast – come have breakfast while you listen to an interesting presentation.

The theme for this Library Breakfast is Web of Science vs Scopus vs Google Scholar. What is the difference between Web of Science, Scopus and Google Scholar? When is it better to use one before the other? How should you think about the content and quality of the databases? During this Library Breakfast Kristoffer Karlsson gives a description of the differences and similarities between different types of databases.

The breakfast is available from 08:00 and the presentations starts av 08:15. It all ends at 08:50 (at the latest).

You have to register to participate: Register here. Last date to register is 31 March 2017.

Text: Katharina Nordling
Photo: Suss Wilén & Colourbox

Theories and methods

The library offes a test of SAGE Research Methods, a database for theories and methods. Which should you choose? What does the terms mean? SAGE Research Methods will help you with a “method map” and over 700 works within the area of methods, from dicitionaries and video clips to articles and manuals.

We are testing it until 16 th of June and the database can be found under Trial Access to Databases on our web site.

Below an image from of a “method map” can be seen. In the example we have gone through qualitative research and qualitative data collection and ended up in ethnography. Here some articles, books, key people and other material related to ethnography can be found and maybe it will help you to design your own experiment or research.

sage_research_methodsLena Holmberg

IEEE updates

IEEE Xplore Digital library has made new features in its interface and they have made their open access mega journal IEEE Access available in IEEE Xplore. IEEE Access is a multi disciplinary journal. They use a publication fee which at the moment is $1750. The fee does not make IEEE Access one of the priciest but it is neither one of the cheapest. For comparison PLOS charges between $1350 and $2900 depending on the journal.

The interface to the journal and abstract pages have been updated. The journal pages are showing more information on a specific article, e.g. they list the citing articles and you can sort your search results by most cited which might be the most influential articles. Read more about the new features to IEEE Xplore.


Pieta Eklund