DiVA migration

We have 4502 publications in DiVA. If you search right now you will find the following publications:

  • Article in journal (2094)
  • Chapter in book (606)
  • Student thesis (514)
  • Report (474)
  • Article, book review (197)
  • Doctoral thesis, monograph (180)
  • Other (153)
  • Book (93)
  • Collection (editor) (68)
  • Conference paper (63)

Text: Thomas Nyström


The migration of BADA is on the move and new publications is added to DiVA as we speak. Old publications transferring from BADA and new publications that you have added directly to DiVA. You can find the following publications in DiVA:

  • Article in journal (1981)
  • Student thesis (507)
  • Article, book review (196)
  • Conference paper (50)
  • Doctoral thesis, monograph (16)
  • Report (14)
  • Chapter in book (9)
  • Other (8)
  • Patent (8)
  • Doctoral thesis, comprehensive summary (7)

Text: Thomas

BADA, DiVA and data migration

We have been working on preparing the publication data in BADA for migration to DiVA and have now started the migration process. The migration will be done in several steps where we start with the publication type “article”, and will continue with the other publication types soon after. You can already find some of the migrated BADA-publications in DiVA.
You can get updates on the migration process here on the library blog Research Related.

Text: Thomas