Evaluation of research quality

Swedish Research Council submitted its suggestion for research quality evaluation to the Swedish government just before Christmas. Since the spring of 2013 the Swedish Research Council has had this taks. The aim has been to develop a model for resource allocation which includes peer review of the quality and relevance of research, in consultation with Forte, Formas och Vinnova

The model named FOKUS is to replace the current model based on a number of indicators. The goal is to use peer review and improve the quality of research and its contribution to the society.

The model has two parts: an evaluation part and a resource allocation calculation part which is to show how the results of evaluation are to be converted to resources. Evaluation is based on three components: scientific/artistic quality (70%), factors of quality development (15%) and impact outside of academia (15%).

The report is only in Swedish but you can find it here: Forskningskvalitetsutvärdering i Sverige – FOKUS

Pieta Eklund