A new librarian with focus on research support

A month ago Signe Wulund started at the university library. Signe’s focus will be on research support, and it is very possible that you will meet her in the future. In Forskningsrelaterat’s sister blog (Biblioteksbloggen), a staff portrait of Signe was published today, just click and read if you want to find out who she is.

Text: Katharina Nordling

Support for researchers at LLR

A year ago a group was formed to study the support for researchers LLR could offer the researchers and PhD students. There is a lot of discussions going on abour University of Borås increasing its research and we at the LLR think that the library must be a part of that work. LLR will develope a well-functioning and and well-adjusted support for researchers. The group carried aimed to study the researchers’ and PhD students’ need for support in the research process for LLR to be able to develope and prioritize suitable services. The following questions were asked

  • Which research near services are needed by the researchers and PhD students?
  • Which services should LLR prioritize and/or develope?

There are several different terms describing the research near services. We decided that we wanted to use the term support/services for researchers (forskarstöd/forskarservice) instead of research support which is used by the university and includes the structural and administrative research support such as financing, boards, track how far PhD’s have come etc.

The results can be summarized with the following points:

  • LLR needs to offer more support in information searching
  • LLR should make sure that information resources corresponds with needs
  • Publishing support should be offerend so that the researchers has the competency to choose the best publishing channel.
  • Research results and research data should made visible and available
  • LLR should scan for financers and call for applications in consultation with other parts of University of Borås
  • LLR’s staff’s competency should be made more visible and LLR should work for co-operation between researchers and LLR and co-operation between LLR and other parts of the university.
  • There is a need for increased supervisor support and other general support e.g. with technical tools.
How are we to go forward with this work? The next step is to discuss at LLR what can be done by us and where we need to involve other parts of the school.
Unfortunately the report is in Swedish but if you are interested in checking it out any way you can find it here: Forskarstöd vid BLR.

Pieta Eklund