Marketplace Ulricehamn

Marketplace Ulricehamn is a report from Swedish Institute for Innovative Retailing, SIIR, which in turn is a research and development programme which aims to deliver research resourcces and research envirenment to the retailing field, retail industry and society as a whole in order to contribute to innovative and sustainable retailing.

SIIR-logo m text_2SIIR is a part of School of Business and IT at University of Borås. The programme involves research disciplines in other areas such as logistics, sustainability, event management. SIIR is focused on research and contract research.

Malin Sundström is the academic manager of SIIR.

Marketplace Ulricehamn is a report written together with Ulricehamn City Accociation, Lars Wallberg and Jessica Strand. The report is an evaluation of a a project Future Business Development which had as its main objective to streghten Ulricehamn’s business climate. They conclude in the report, among other things, that a retail strategy is needed. They mean that long term planning which takes into consideration the city and its residents but also incoming visitors.

Read the repot Marketplace Ulricehamn.

Pieta Eklund