Season’s Greetings and Happy New Year

2014 will be an exciting year. Horizon 2020 will open even more calls for applications. Participant Portal is a portal for information about Horizon 2020Current calls for Horizon 2020 can be found here. During the spring the library and Swedish School of Library and Information Science will arrange two days on publishing and scientific communication.

Also, we at the library will start a project on ORCID, a unique research ID and CRIS, which is a system for Current Research Information. People from other parts of the organisation will be involved.

Before it is time to wind down and take some time of we want to remind you to register your publications from 2013 in BADA. The deadline for registration is the 17th of January.

Instructions on how to submit publications to BADA.

FAQ on how to register in BADA.

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FAQ on how to register in BADA

In this blog post I will answer some frequently asked questions about registering publications in BADA. You are always welcome to contact me (pieta.eklund(a) if you cannot find your answer here.

Last date for registering publications from 2013 is January 17, 2014.

Here you can find instructions on how to submit to BADA or visit the library’s web pages

The language is wrong in BADA. How do I change it?
You can change it from Swedish to English and back. You change the language by following the link Edit Profile/Inställningar. When you have chosen the language you want click on Update profile/Uppdatera din profil. After this you must log out and log in again for the changes to take place.

What should be submitted to BADA?
You should register all your publications which you have written while employed by University of Borås in BADA.You may register a publication when it has been accepted for publication. You may register research papers, conference papers and posters, books, book chapters, debate articles, bok reviews, reports and patents. You may even register obects, exhibitions and other artistic work.

You should not submit to BADA interviews on TV or radio, or when you give a speech and the speech is not published anywhere. If your adress in peer reviewed articles and other scientific publications is something else than University of Borås you should register these publications in the other univeristy’s repository, not in BADA. If you also work at University of Gothenburg and you have written University of Gothenburg as your department you should submit your publication to GUP. If both University of Gothenburg and University of Borås are  named then you can submit your publication even to BADA.

Who should submit to BADA?
If you have authored a publication it should be submitted to BADA. You know your publications best to be able to fill in Subject keywords. All university staff can submit to BADA and all submissions are reviewed so there is no need to worry about mistakes. They can be corrected.

May I attach a fulltext of my publication to BADA?
Yes with some exeptions. Most publishers allow self-archiving or making your article available on your web page. It is the last version of the publication you may attach, the version which does not have the publisher’s layout yet. The research profile page the university offers is your homepage and publications to this page comes from BADA. Therefore it is rarely is a problem to deposit a fulltext of an article to BADA. You can use SHERPA/RoMEO’s page to control the publisher’s policys on self-archiving.
When it comes to books and book chapters self-archiving is rarely allowed, especially when it is a commercial publisher wishing to make money selling the book.
Conference papers are a bit complicated. If you have the intention to write an article of your conference paper, it is best not to have it in fulltext in BADA. In other case you may follow the conference organiser’s policy for publishing.
All research publications and other publications which have received economic or other support from University of Borås are presupposed, in accordance with copyright and other agreements, to be self-archived in BADA.
Contact me if there are any questions.

I am connected to more than one university, should I submit to BADA?
Those publications that you have written connected to projects which are connected to University of Borås should be submitted to BADA.

I am a PhD student and connected to other university, where should I submit my publications?
The university which will award you your PhD degree will probably want you to submit to that univeristy’s publication database but you should also submit to BADA since it is University of Borås who is financing your PhD studies.

What is a publication type?
Publication type describes the type of publication you have published: article, conference paper, book. Further, these publication types have descriptions such as peer reviewed scientific, other scientific and other. When it comes to articles the peer reviewed scientific refers to articles in scientific journals and which have gone through peer review, other scientific refers to popular science articles. Other can be a debate article, chronicle and other publications like that. Article review refers to a book reviews and not to a scientific review article as the name could suggest.

I want to add a link to my registration. Where is this done?
You can find a filed called Journal ISBN/ISSN, Article DOI, link etc. almost at the bottom of the page where you fill in author names and title of the publication. When you click on the arrow a number of choises are shown. To add a link you should choose URI. Paste the link in the box below. If you have DOI, ISSN and URI to add, click on Add more to get more empty fields.



There is nothing to correct, why is BADA saying there is?
Next to last page you are asked to control your submission. This is the last time you have the possibility to make changes in the registration. This does not mean there is something to correct but there is a possibility to do that. If all information is correct, you have not forgotten to fill in anything, click on Next to come to the publishing licence.

Do I have to grant the license?
Yes you must. The licence field cannot be empty in the system and it is aimed towards students. Just click on I Grant the License to finish submitting your publication.

I have filled in wrong/attached the wrong document.
Mistakes are easy to make. Contact me via e-mail and write which publication it is and what is the correct information or file and I will correct the mistakes.

I have no Next button, I cannot continue.
If you have e.g. zoomed in to make text bigger some buttons might dissapear. Make sure that you can scrolled all the way down and sideways to find the “missing” buttons.

I cannot see or search my publications in BADA.
If you cannot see or search your publications in BADA you should check My page in BADA. If the publications you have registered are Submissions In Workflow Process it means that I have not yet have had time to review them. As soon as I have done this they vill be searchable and visible in among others BADA, Google, Google Scholar and Summon.

Pieta Eklund


Submit publications to BADA

It is time to sumbit your publications in BADA if you haven’t done that already. The last day for registering publications before we summarize the number of publications for the annual report is January 17, 2014. You may start registering now and you do no have to be at the university to register.

You register publications by logging on to BADA. Username and password are the same as to other University’s IT-services. Then you should choose Communities & collections in the left menu. Scroll down to your department and then choose one of the collections Articles and reports, Books and book chpters, Conferense papers (both papers and posters from conferences are registered in this collection). For School of Textiles’ artistic research we have a collection Objects, material, exhibitions, etc. When you have chosen a collction to register in, click on the collection title. This leads you to the collecton and there you find a button Submit to this collection. Click on it. You can continue straight on from the first page without making any changes. On page two you start registering you publication: Authors, title, department etc. You should fill in all the names of your co-authors whether they are employed by the University or by some other university/organisation. Also, you should fill in their signatures if they are employed by University of Borås.

Some things are obligatory to fill in. If you have missed these and click on Next to continue, you will notice that e.g. the year is missing. Fill in what is missing to continue.

When you come to Subject Categories you have to click on the link Subject Categories to be able to choose one of the categories. You should not write anything from your own mind here, choose a category. Subject Categories are a bit blunt but choose which ever suits your publication best.

If your publication does not fit any of the Strategic research areas, choose None.

The questions about Sustainable development is mandatory to answer yes or no to. The question deals with whether you in your publication set your research in the context of sustainable development.

Always fill in Abstract even if you do not have something that can be called abstract. This to make your publication more visible for searches. For the same reason, Subject Keywords are also important to fill in.

You may attach a file to your registration. It works the same way as attaching a file to an e-mail. When it comes to articles, you are often allowed to deposit the version which has gone through peer-review but does not have the publisher’s layout yet. On Sherpa/RoMEO’s page you may check publishers’ and journals’ policy for self-archiving.

Then you have the possibility to control you submission. Have you spelled all the names correct etc. After this you continue by accepting the publishing agreement. The agreement deals with student papers but must still be accepted for the submission to come to us for review.

When the registration is reviewed you receive an e-mail saying that the submission is accepted. Sometimes it might happen that a submission is refused. In this case you receive an e-mail with an explanation what is missing. You should logon to BADA again, fill in what is missing and then accept the publishing agreement again so that the submission comes to the library for review.

Should mistakes happen, or when you have questions, do not hesitate to contact me, pieta.eklund(a)

At the moment (2013-11-07) the number of registrations for all of University of Borås looks like this:

We have about 500  to 550 publications/year. The number above means that we still have about 330 to 380 unregistered publications.

Pieta Eklund